Our goal is to create a culture of productivity through the effective application of administrative management tools in business, in order to make the world of business well-organized and effective, and business owners competent and successful. 


Сonsulting company represented by 7 branches in Europe, the US, China, and Latin America

Affordable comprehensive organizational structure implementation for business owners

More than 700 business owners graduated from “Business Owners Program” and boosted their companies to the next level

The team of the professional experts guiding you through the implementation process and helping you customize management tools to your company’s specific needs

We guarantee our participants tangible results and monitor their attainment

Alexander Visotsky

A founder of Visotsky Consulting with 7 branches in five countries: USA, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus

A businessman with 20 years of experience. His non-consulting business owner experience includes production company that became European market leader for the production of promotional merchandise

An author of more than 3,000 pages of guidelines for business owners

An author of 4 business administration books published in English, Russian and Chinese

A leader for more than 200 employees of Visotsky Consulting that successfully executed more than 700 consulting projects since 2009

A frequent speaker at international business events

Alex Visotsky
Who is our client?

A company and its owner will benefit the most from the project if it’s conducted when the signs of a “ management crisis” first appear.

Cesar Vargas, Joanna Vargas Skin Care about 4-DAY WORKSHOP FOR BUSINESS OWNERS

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Nikolay, NivaGroup about 4-DAY TRAINING WORKSHOP

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Cesar Vargas, Joanna Vargas Skin Care


Nikolay, NivaGroup

BogushTime specializes in organizing the delivery of Goals-Oriented Time-management workshops based on their own patented technology. BogushTech developed applications to aid time management on-the-go, such as Time Optimizer, Time Companion and Calendar Planner for iPad and iPhone. There are 25 employees between the two companies.BogushTime was founded in 2009. In a period of two years, the company’s specialists trained over 3000 people — owners, managers, and specialists in different professional fields in the Ukraine and in other countries. BogushTime is known as leading company in its market. Since BogushTech was founded in 2012, the applications they developed are used by people in 88 different countries.Liudmyla came to Visotsky Consulting for our services in 2010 and here is what she had to say regarding her experience with the Business Owner’s Program:“As the founder of my business, I finally started feeling that I was moving in the right direction. My ability to control the business has improved and my company has ceased simply “going with the flow” like a little boat. While the business remains small, it is now moving like a powerful ship. I see that we are achieving more and more results.Before we moved unevenly, quickly, and sometimes stopped, jumped again, slowed down again… I have spent my strength to constantly push the company. I could not look away and deal with product development and technology. And now I see a tendency to constant growth. Even if I spend most of my time abroad. The implementation of the Model of Administrative Know How technology in the company allows me to live and work in different countries while managing the business remotely. Moreover, the company no longer goes effect to the ups and downs of different social and economic trends. My company works, captures the market, if necessary, is rearranged quickly and acts as a conscious mechanism.”
It is vital to correctly organize one’s business operations. And the “correctness” depends on the type of training one receives. Personally, I outgrew systematical training, books, etc that are commonly used. That is why I have chosen a program with qualitative and effective results Business Owner’s Program.I was very successful in applying the practical knowledge I learned and the experience I gained on the program to the development strategies of the Yaware Group. Since 2012 our income has increased fourfold, the number of our staff increased from 3 people to 15, and we are still growing! Now, we are steadily gaining momentum and progressing on the intended course.The introduction of statistics, job descriptions and other elements of administrative technologies to the company has drastically increased work efficiency of each individual staff member and the production of the whole company. It became very easy to determine the honest and dedicated employees and to find the weak links. Based on the use of statistics, we were able to make a series of personnel decisions, which allowed us to significantly optimize the company’s staff and increase general productivity
At one point I realized that I became the weakest link in my own company. I am a certified manager with many years of experience, I have a Ph.D., I’ve been considered a very effective person, and somehow I became a weak link. How is that possible? It’s very simple: I took on all the responsibilities of executing a multitude of tasks,I would micromanage each one,I was too hands on instead of strategizing, I did not think as a manager, and, instead, I put out all the fires. But our goals are big, and we want to have a game with a great scope. And while all this was happening, I came across the Business Owner’s Program.The first piece of good news was that my situation was not unique — many owners and directors suffer from the exact problems. With this program, I discovered the missing pieces of the puzzle, created a new solid foundation, which I then built upon with certainty. I now have simple and effective tools under my belt.By actively using those tools, perfecting these skills, one can, with time, achieve unbelievable results. And I got those results. Within the first year of application, the company’s income increased by 2.2 times. I started to fly towards my goals like a rocket. I became a member of the beautiful group of smart, talented, highly productive people — the staff of Vysotsky Consulting and the other owners who have completed the Business Owner’s Program. I now get to train other business owners and it’s a great honor for me to be able to share these tools with new participants of the consulting program, empowering them and the whole business community.