Employee Responsibilities and Results

Alexander Visotsky explains what happens if employees don't have have clear cut responsibilities nor understand their roles. 

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Two Types of Employees

Alexander Visotsky breaks down the two kind of employees. How does each one help or hurt your company? It's time to find out!  

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What Does the Future of Management Look Like

Alexander Vysotsky is the founder of the international consulting company Visotsky Consulting. Mr. Vysotsky conducts his own business in the United States, Russia and Ukraine. He is the developer of the world’s best consulting project for the implementation of management tools, which is confirmed by the International Association of Entrepreneurs WISE. Alexander Vysotsky is the author of 4 business bestsellers for business owners and the speaker at the seminars and presentations, which was visited by more than 50,000 employees and entrepreneurs. 

Visotsky Consulting is an international consulting company on systematization of small and medium businesses. Company offices are located in 6 countries of the world: USA, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus. The main product of the company is the “Business Owners School” – a consulting project on the implementation of management tools for systematizing business, creating opportunities for the company to reach a new level of development and transfer operational management to managers. This allows the company owner to fulfil professionally their responsibilities for the strategic management of the company.

The topic of today’s conversation between Luxury Lifestyle Awards and mr. Vysotsky is the management of organizations of the future and how they could transform in the current turbulent environment in order to become more successful and competitive.

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How To Divide Duties Of The Owner And The Director?

At what stage and how should you delegate part of the duties to a hired manager? And what is the difference in their approach to work? 

Earlier or later, every business owner starts to think about hiring a director and turn operative management over to him. Some manage to do so, especially if company’s work method is not too complex in itself. But most of the owners in small to medium sized businesses can only dream about it – while day after day they still continue to handle strategic and operational targets. 

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Administrative Management Tools Implementation Mistakes

Typical mistakes made during implementation of Administrative Management Tools in small to medium sized businesses.This is just a list of mistakes, which I have often seen in a business. 

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