Company Mission: our goals & purposes

Visotsky Consulting offers advice to the owners of small to medium-sized businesses and initiates the formation of an Administrative Management System. This gives business owners the opportunity to increase the operating efficiency of their companies, remove themselves from operational management, and prepare their companies for expansion. In the 10 years of our company’s operation, we have completed projects with more than 270 companies from various industries. By the end of 2014, Visotsky Consulting had 120 staff members working in 9 branches.

The Mission

Our goal is to create a culture of productivity through the effective application of administrative management tools in business, in order to make the world of business well-organized and effective, and business owners competent and successful.

Our purpose is to deliver our proprietary Business Owners Program; to help business owners of small to medium-sized businesses implement and apply modern administrative techniques and procedures; to organize operations of our company in such a way as to make it an example of performance, manageability, and profitability; and to expand the company by procuring talented partners and delivering our consulting technology to them.

“I know a lot of business owners who are truly dedicated to their work and to the goals of their companies. However, without effective administrative management tools and proper access to efficient consulting services, they develop problems with the organization of their business operations. It is inevitable that with the development of any company, there will come a moment when, without good administration, the company cannot effectively expand any further.
While providing consulting services to large companies, I have seen how great the necessity for such services is for small businesses. Small businesses and their upward mobility are the cornerstone that our shared system of economics, culture, and civilization are based upon. The quality of everyday life to a large degree depends on small companies. Simply put, I have come to realize that inefficient administrative management can have a debilitating effect on the growth of a small business. I dreamt about creating a product that would provide business owners with the opportunity to make their company upwardly mobile , while still being affordable.
All of this has encouraged me to develop and organize Business Owner’s Program, a system based upon our years of experience in the consultation of medium-sized and large companies. This program has been forged in such a manner as to present the opportunity to implement even the most progressive ideas of management in a small company.”
—Alexander Visotsky
Who is our client?

The company has 5 to 100 of administrative staff (that are not involved directly with manufacturing);

The owner has enough power to be able to conduct extensive organizational changes;

The owner cares about the value of products/services, which are manufactured by his company and is interested in a vast business expansion;

The owner wants to create a team of competent managers and staff, instead of working alone.